AHT Athen XL ECO - now on SPECIAL!


Athen XL ECO - now on SPECIAL!

Further information on the product

Now on Special price at 3,600.00 AUD + GST + transport. Call our sales managers on 1800423626 to verify the availability of the product in your Australian State and to fix the final price.


Integral freezer and chiller cabinets. Ready to plug-in. The economical dimension in cooling and freezing equipment. Unbelievably efficient. Generous capacity meets modern, sales-stimulating design. Greater net capacity allows a broader range of goods, thereby increasing sales potential, while brilliant LED interior lighting means attractive presentation of your merchandise. Technical optimization makes the ATHEN XL ECO a true energy-saving marvel.


Key benefits:
• High energy savings compared with conventional open units
• Maximum energy efficiency thanks to electronic speed-controlled compressor
• Massive additional power saving potential due to extensive optimizations in technology and construction
• New synthetic interior casing for better hygiene and easy cleaning
• Improved viewing of merchandise and optimized capacity
• Ecologically sound thanks to the natural refrigerant propane
• 100% CFC- and PFC-free
• Constant interior temperature and high power reserves ensure high merchandise quality
• Ready to plug-in, no additional assembly required
• Low costs for investment and operation
• Maintenance-free cooling technology.


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Projects and News

One out of three the 2017 best IGA stores in Australia uses our equipment

One out of three the 2017 best IGA stores in Australia uses our equipment

According to our Managing Director, Mike Baker, this is a huge satisfaction for our Company. These awards underline an important acknowledgement of the work carried out together with our IGA partners. Congratulations to all winners!
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Our new IGA Supermarket Hamilton Island opened on August 1. We have installed Crystal glass door freezers, Rock Eco glass door ready meals cases, Maxima service deli cases and Duo island cheese cases. All the equipment is by our supplier Bonnet Neve (Epta Group).
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Aldi Campbellfield (VIC)

Aldi Campbellfield (VIC)

The main refrigeration plant operates with a Epta Pack utilising CO2 R744 and R134a for the medium temperature display cases.
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