100 Years Fresh

May 2020 marks 100 years in business for AJ Baker & Sons, a significant achievement and milestone. We are a proudly Western Australian owned and operated family business, with offices spanning across Australia.

Starting as a general mercantile business back in 1920, AJ Baker is now one of the most successful privately owned refrigeration contractors in Australia. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with top of the line products, sourced both locally and internationally.

We have spent the start of 2020 working with the fabulous Shannon Lovelady, Historian, Archivist & Curator at the Museum of Perth documenting and digitising our company archives and working alongside Peter and Mike Baker to uncover both the Baker business and family history.

Albert John Baker was a fabulous record keeper and we have discovered some amazing advertising campaigns from the 1930s which we are super excited to start sharing with you and photos with some brands that are still trading today.

As for our Birthday party, we will review this when the time is right, in the meantime we hope you enjoy some of the amazing items we have uncovered.

The team at AJ Baker & Sons.

1930s Perth Bar Search

03 November 2020

Are you able to help?

We thought this before-and-after might’ve been the @RSLWA’s Anzac House on St George’s Terrace (built in 1934, demolished in 1979) because the second photo almost matches the description in The West Australian of 21 September 1934:

“... equipped with Amatice standard hardware of solid bronze Chrome-plated. The non-leaking chrome-plated beer taps mounted on terrazzo slabs, and set off with stainless steel drip trays, are a most attractive feature.”

… but it says the exterior of the cabinet is finished in polished maple, and the unit in that second photo is not polished maple.

So we’re looking for a bar which already existed in the early 1930s which was replaced by an AJ Baker, Amat-Ice installation a couple of years later. It could have still been in use into the 1950s.

Beginning in the early 1930s, AJ Baker & Sons installed refrigeration in every major hotel in Perth and throughout WA. We realise this bar could be anywhere, but we know - for sure - it’s not the Court, the Palace, the Albion, the Inglewood, the Subi, the Brisbane, the Claremont or the Balmoral.

With your help, we’d love to definitively identify this old bar!

1930s Perth Bar Search

Original AJ Baker & Sons Compressor Found

31 July 2020

What a fabulous find!  Gina and Andrew at Chittering Acres have re-purposed this original AJ Baker Compressor and are now using it as a fireplace!

To our knowledge it is one of two remaining in existence, the second one our Service Manager, Glen Moscarda, restored to be a working model and is now on display in our Perth showroom.

Peter and Mike Baker were both excited to see there was still oil in the pistons so many years later! Gina and Andrew kept the conventional original isolation valves, the internal piston, the original flywheel and eccentric cranks that are all now part of the fireplace.

Shannon Lovelady at the Museum of Perth has written about these compressors in our 100 year celebration book, due to be released later in the year. The compressors were manufactured by AJ Baker & Sons in the early 1940s with only 84 units produced.

Thank you to Kim Cramer for alerting us to this and to Gina & Andrew for allowing us to re-use the photos!

Chittering Acres is located just 1 hour from Perth in Western Australia on a 700 acre private farm with an art studio and accommodation in the beautiful Avon Valley.

Original AJ Baker & Sons Compressor Found

Perth Royal Show in the 1940s

17 July 2020

With the possibility of the Perth Royal Show going ahead in Western Australian in 2020 we thought we'd share this fabulous photo.

For a period of some 30 years AJ Baker & Sons displayed products in a corporate pavilion like this one pictured in the late 1940s. We showcased our range of household and commercial refrigerators.

The Baker kids were excited each year as they were able to store all their showbags at the pavilion!

According to  the Perth Royal Show Facebook page, the show was founded on January 3, 1834 at a historic meeting of the Royal Agriculture Society of Western Australia, they decided to hold an annual show - this show came to be known as the "Fair and Cattle Show".

Perth Royal Show in the 1940s

1941 Staff Picnic

12 June 2020

 In 1941 AJ Baker & Sons rewarded staff with staff picnics like this one held at Yanchep, staff took part in team activities outside in the fresh air.

Staff at AJ Baker have always been part of the extended Baker family and this hasn’t changed in 100 years.

To all our family we just wanted to say thank you.

1941 Staff Picnic

100 Years Fresh - AMAT ICE

08 June 2020

We found this handwritten advertising gem we produced for AMAT-ICE, Mauri Brothers and Thomson Ltd which was founded in the 1800s.
When the depression affected the Avery Scales business, AJ (Albert John) commenced the search for a new product line.⁣⁣
He found an advertisement in a trade magazine for Mauri Bros & Thompson Ltd, a NSW firm manufacturing the range of AMAT-ICE (Australian Made for Australian Trade) refrigerators.⁣
In 1931 AJ Baker was appointed the sole WA distributor for AMAT-ICE.⁣ ⁣
Click here to view our modern range of commercial refrigerators.

100 Years Fresh - AMAT ICE
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