Aumanns Warrandyte Victoria

Aumanns Warrandyte (Vic)

13 meters of produce cases were installed at Aumanns Warrandyte in Victoria along with two stand-alone units and an island cheese case. We worked with Flexikitch to provide the store with a tailored solution. Produce cases installed: Bonnet Neve ONWAVE 3G 4E Multi-Deck Chillers Columbia Flex B+2 open Island Cheese Case Gallery

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The Leaf Store - Hawthorn VIC

The Leaf Store Hawthorn (Vic)

AJ Baker & Sons worked with our Victorian dealer, Flexikitch to complete the fit out at The Leaf Store in Hawthorn, Victoria. They were after a cost effective and efficient product line-up and decided to install cabinets connected to a remote panel throughout – they chose to have the cabinets monitored by the Carel Boss Monitoring… read more »

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IGA Claremont Foodies Market (WA)

Another installation at IGA in Claremont located just outside of the Claremont Oval. Foodies Market IGA Claremont is an end-to-end supermarket where you can purchase a diverse range of fresh produce as well as a range of cooked ready-to-go meals. You can even pick up fresh flowers and a sneaky red while you are there…. read more »

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ALDI Tweed Mall NSW

ALDI Tweed Mall (NSW)

More than 250 customers patiently waited for the new ALDI Tweed Mall (NSW) to open its doors at 8.30 am on the recent grand opening morning. This was a large project which involved a complete refrigeration fit-out. We lifted the plant equipment on to the roof, a unique dome-like structure and made for an interesting… read more »

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The Fresh Pasta Shop, Prahran Market (VIC)

The Fresh Pasta Shop, Prahran Market (VIC)

Organised by the Prahran Council in 1846, the Prahran Market is Melbourne’s oldest Market and nowadays they continue to remain the premier food Market of the city. They work closely with local communities to host many foodie events and is constantly partnering with well-known chefs to provide shoppers with quality cooking demonstrations workshops. AJ Baker… read more »

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ALDI Sandgate QLD

ALDI Sandgate (QLD)

Sandgate is a coastal suburb in Brisbane (QLD), 16 kilometres north of the CBD. The town became a popular escape for the people of Brisbane in the early 20th century. ALDI Sandgate was a part of project refresh back in May 2019. Due to the success of the supermarket, more chillers were added to the store… read more »

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Drakes Collinswood (SA)

On our Facebook page you can follow Mr. John-Paul Drake inside the brand new Drakes Supermarkets – Collinswood (SA). We have contributed with our 22nd state of the art Transcritical CO2 refrigeration plant in Australia. Working together with our European partner Epta, we have developed new cutting-edge refrigeration systems which merge stunning aesthetics with the highest environmental impact… read more »

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Ritchies IGA Maclean NSW

Ritchies IGA Maclean (NSW)

There is something gently amusing about a town that proudly claims that it is “The Scottish Town in Australia”. A large number of the early settlers in the valley were originally from Scotland and the town itself was named after a good Scot, Alexander Grant McLean, who was the New South Wales Surveyor-General from 1861-1862…. read more »

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ALDI Warringal VIC

ALDI Warringal (VIC)

The Warringal Shopping Centre first opened in 1986 and has become the main shopping centre in the heart of Heidelberg (VIC) situated on the historical and iconic Burgundy Street. It showcases over 40 retailers including our customer Aldi, making it a convenient location for all your shopping needs. This ALDI supermarket features a modern look… read more »

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Bunbury Farmers Market WA

Bunbury Farmers Market (WA)

The Bunbury Farmers Market (WA) is a well-known fresh food market on the outskirts of Bunbury, just south of Perth. The store is frequented not only from the local Bunbury area, but from travellers to and from the South-West of WA, and is well known for providing the best quality variety of fresh and prepared… read more »

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