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The Cube Hotel – Toowoomba (QLD)

The Cube Hotel in Toowoomba Queensland has a popular reputation for its dry aged meat. The steak house wanted to offer dry aged meat with the ability to display the meat as it aged, giving the customers the option to buy the cut in advance and enjoy the cut once it has aged or buy direct out of the case once the meat is ready.

They purchased the Tecfrigo, Upright Dry Aged Meat Display which comes with humidification and dehumidification cycles to allow a continuous control of the weight loss of the meat, the case is complete with triple glazing for superior insulation properties.

The Tecfrigo, Upright Dry Aged Meat Display was sold with the help of Reward Hospitality.

The images are of the second round of 30 day dry aged meat through the case (most display cases can’t dry age the meat only display it) with some cuts already been sold.  The case also forms part of the window display visible from the street.

Manager Myles said they have people making the 130km journey from Brisbane to enjoy the steak on offer!

Contact our team if you want to add Dry Aged Meat to your menu!



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