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Meat Dry Age 551 and 1551 Showcases are equipped with a system for humidity production and management, which can be adjusted from 50% to 80% by RH probe and humidification and dehumidification cycles. To allow a continuous control of the weight’s loss of the meat.

- High efficiency R290 thermodynamics
- 2.41” Colour TFT LCD Display Screen
- USB port
- Frame in aluminium, silver colour
- Stainless steel ventilation grids
- Double glazing three glass-sheets on each side, framed and sealed, with a dry air insulation, for maximum insulation performance
- Stainless-steel wire shelves, adjustable in height, dim. 555 x 650mm + hooks
- Steel swivel castors as standard

- Wi-Fi connection
- CLOUD control and connection from PC / Tablet / Smartphone:
• Events notification by mail
• Real-time info about storage temperature
• Set point modification
• Historical and real-time charts
• Events list consultation
• Access to user manuals
• E-mail with weekly chart report in PDF format

OPTIONAL POTENTIOMETER: Adjustable LED colour temperature between 3.000 K and 6.500 K
OPTIONAL: Pink LED light


Running Cost Calculator

When you are shopping for a new commercial appliance, think about the ongoing running costs as well as the purchase price. Our running cost calculator give you approximate running costs of our cabinet. It is provided for estimating purposes only. Actual energy savings may vary based on use and other factors. The costs do not take into account the electricity supply charge that is found on your bill.


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