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Island dual temperature display case by Bonnet Neve with features including double glaszed glass sides, LED lighting, R290 refrigerant, temperature selector switch, castor wheels, night covers, adjustable height base grids.

Available with optional sliding glass lids.

Maximum visibility, robustness and a green spirit. These are the strengths of the Captur promotional Islands from Bonnet Névé. Captur has been designed to meet Retailer needs to boost impulse buys of fresh and frozen produce. It features a modern, simple design with clean silhouette and large glazed surface, designed to slide smoothly and make it easy to open. The appeal of this product is also enhanced by the lighting system, with the option of adjusting the orientation of the LEDs, turning the products into the real stars of the food area.

A further distinguishing feature of this solution is its solidity: it is equipped with hard-wearing vertical corner guards that withstand knocks and blows, as well as the option of two trolley guards in either plastic or brushed stainless steel. Both flawlessley blend into the cabinet appearance.

As well as increasing sales in the store, this cutting-edge plug-in combines respect for the environment with efficiency. In fact Captur only uses Propane R290, an efficient, ecological and natural coolant, for a minimal environmental impact. Last but not least, the cabinet has been designed to ensure the utmost in energy savings: an example is provided by the closed negative temperature version of Captur, a high performance solution which cuts energy costs considerably.

Running Cost Calculator

When you are shopping for a new commercial appliance, think about the ongoing running costs as well as the purchase price. Our running cost calculator give you approximate running costs of our cabinet. It is provided for estimating purposes only. Actual energy savings may vary based on use and other factors. The costs do not take into account the electricity supply charge that is found on your bill.


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