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Low height multi-deck chiller by Iarp (Epta Group) featuring electronic temperature control, automatic defrost, high efficiency fan motors, 3 levels high adjustable shelves (plus base), shelf pricing holders, LED lighting, optional customized graphic, castor wheels.

It features eco-friendly refrigerant R290, a gas which has gained wider acceptance in Europe, where environmental concerns and strict regulations are driving the adoption of natural alternatives. During several lab tests, R290 has been found capable of high-performing, efficient operation. Compared to the refrigerants it will likely be called upon to replace, R290 yields more capacity with lower wattage consumption. In terms of achieving regulatory compliance, R290 is very appealing: its global warming potential (GWP = 3) is well below the global threshold of 150 GWP, which places it in an elite class of refrigerants from the standpoint of minimal environmental impact.

Joy 30 plug-in is part of the Cool Emotions range, just one concrete example of the infinite ways to customise refrigerator displays thanks to IARP's new ability to print directly on metal sheets. A user-friendly line characterised by elegant, hi-tech design, it plays an essential role in encouraging impulse buying. More specifically, the line has been designed for personalisation, to satisfy the needs for display versatility and flexibility, no matter the location. In doing so, these plug-ins bolster the image and income of food & beverage and HoReCa businesses.

Running Cost Calculator

When you are shopping for a new commercial appliance, think about the ongoing running costs as well as the purchase price. Our running cost calculator give you approximate running costs of our cabinet. It is provided for estimating purposes only. Actual energy savings may vary based on use and other factors. The costs do not take into account the electricity supply charge that is found on your bill.


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