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Bonnet Névé

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Skyview Plus is the new chiller solution for supermarkets from Epta Group.

Features include:
Temperature class 3H, 3M2, 3M1, 3M0
Three models: Efficia (E), Modular (M) and Volum (V)
Full height glass doors
High Flux LED lighting
Stainless steel shelving + base
Stainless Steel Bumper
Larger display area, extended internal volume
First A+ energy efficient labelled product by Eurovent®
Epta Dual Air fow: Total energy consumption reduction reaches up to –18 % compared to front air channel technology.
Easy to install and lower maintenance costs

Skyeffect is a fully coordinated composition of its new refrigerated cabinets, to ensure a perfect merchandising and display design in all areas of your store. Innovative uniform display criteria that is reflected in a successful new shopping experience. Linearity, uniformity, homogeneity.

This family feeling was designed to guarantee a comfortable and engaging shopping experience for your customers. The Skyeffect family range displays optimal modular linearity for positive and negative temperature vertical and semi-vertical cabinets, new high impact display mix for novel merchandising solutions and a perfectly homogeneous design style.


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