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Skylight is the new freezer solution for supermarkets from Epta Group. Connected to a CO2 system, and with a Carel controller, we have been getting 28 days without a defrost. This is a 2% saving on energy, but the more important benefit is the less number of temperature cycles the frozen product is subject to. Better for the store owner, and the consumer.

Features include:
Temperature class 3L1
Two models: Modular (M) and Efficia (E)
Thickness of insulation from 50mm (E) to 60mm (M)
LED lighting
Larger display area
Stainless Steel Bumper
Maximum Flexibility
Energy efficient: Low heat extraction rate and Low consumption doors
Eurovent Certified

The door is designed to stay open without any mechanical blocking system, simply by opening it to a 90° angle. Moreover, the "soft closing" system ensures slow and gentle automatic closing in the final part without the need to force the door shut.

Skyeffect is a fully coordinated composition of its new refrigerated cabinets, to ensure a perfect merchandising and display design in all areas of your store. Innovative uniform display criteria that is reflected in a successful new shopping experience. Linearity, uniformity, homogeneity.

This family feeling was designed to guarantee a comfortable and engaging shopping experience for your customers. The Skyeffect family range displays optimal modular linearity for positive and negative temperature vertical and semi-vertical cabinets, new high impact display mix for novel merchandising solutions and a perfectly homogeneous design style.

Skylight have new accessory options for our glass door freezer: the pull out chest basket. The standard configuration provides the pull out chest basket and a 400 mm deep first shelf as a multi-solution kit. Maximum load is 70 kg (180kg/m2), dimensions are LENGTH 630mm, DEPTH 600mm, HEIGHT 380mm. In order to protect the glass doors, two small bumpers on both ends are added.

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