Neo Series U-310

Neo Series

Ice Production 21°air/10°water

135kg Half Dice
120kg Regular
132kg Dice

Ice Production 32°air/21°water

107kg Half Dice
93kg Regular
103kg Dice

Dimensions (mm)

978(h) x 762(w) x 715(d)

Bin/Dispenser Options


Further information on the product

Neo means NEW.

But not the kind of new that becomes old.

It's a new standard, a new class, a new approach and a new may for you to think about ice.

By providing new levels in performance, intelligence and convenience, NEO offers an all-in-one solution to your undercounter ice cube needs.

Perfect for restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops, stadium boxes, offices, medical uses, delis, churches - NEO is designed to deliver ice wherever you need it.

View the Neo series mini-site.

Running Cost Calculator

When you are shopping for a new commercial appliance, think about the ongoing running costs as well as the purchase price. Our running cost calculator give you approximate running costs of our cabinet. It is provided for estimating purposes only. Actual energy savings may vary based on use and other factors. The costs do not take into account the electricity supply charge that is found on your bill.


Electricity Rate ($/kWh)

Operating Hours/Day

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