Manitowoc RNS-0385


Ice Production 21°air/10°water

136kg Nugget

Ice Production 32°air/21°water

112kg Nugget

Dimensions (mm)

1004(h) x 738(w) x 690(d)

Bin/Dispenser Options


Further information on the product

Great things happen when you combine the popularity of nugget ice with the quality and reliability of Manitowoc.

Manitowoc's nugget ice provides a soft, chewable texture while maintaining maximum cooling ability.

Manitowoc offers its bite-sized nugget ice in the smaller RNS counter top and undercounter model ice machines with up to 136kgs of daily ice production.

Small nuggets of ice make these ice machines perfect for dispensing, carbonated beverages, smoothies, and healthcare applications.

Ice Machines | Manitowoc RNS-0385

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