Epta Eptablue Waterloop


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Eptablue is an innovative eco-sustainable system that converts refrigerated cabinet into a plug-in unit by connection to a closed water circuit. Key advantages are:

  • Simple integral loop for MT/LT
  • Wider sales area as no machine room is needed
  • No copper brazing necessary
  • Low installation and maintenance cost
  • Maintenance is localized to the single cabinet as each cabinet has its own unit
  • High fexibility with easy layout change and repositioning
  • High investment recovery in store relocation
  • Real time data monitoring with full control of the units
  • No heat rejection to the sales area
  • Up to 20% lower energy consumption due to high efficiency BLDC
  • Up to 80% refrigerant charge reduction
  • Up to 96% leakage reduction due to hermetically sealed box
  • TEWI reduction of up to 43% by reducing more than 90% of the direct emissions (in the case of HFC)
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