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Eptablue is an innovative eco-sustainable system that converts refrigerated cabinet into a plug-in unit by connection to a closed water circuit.

In the last years the commercial refrigeration industry has determined a huge shift toward natural refrigerants requiring the improvement of unit cost and efficiency. The main key success factor for waterloop system is the simplicity of implementation, safe, reliable and industrial solutions that simplify installation and service, thus breaking the barriers of concern related to human skills.

Improving the TEWI (Total Energy Warming Impact) of installations brings a beneficial financial effect linking together the choice of refrigerant, performance and cost of the solution.

Commercial Refrigeration systems, during real usage, are subjected to huge variations of thermal loading conditions, mostly dependent on climate area, customer usage and HVAC store management, as well as the use of the cabinets, the opening from shopper, food loading, light dimming, etc. Frequency controlled variable speed motors applied to waterloop systems offer practical way to achieve maximum performance all the year /all the day adapting themselves to the different field condition.

High efficiency BLDC compressors, individual evaporator temperature and fully controlled performances bring 25% of energy saving. No long copper pipes, no compressor rack or receivers and zero leakage bring 80% refrigerant charge reduction.

Energy efficiency:
• All units always at their best working condition
• Wide modulation range and energy efficiency at part load
• Optimum food temperature control
• Full control units: preventive diagnostic and maintenance

• Easy layout change and showcases repositioning
• Wider sales area, less space needed for machine room
• High investment recovery in store relocation
• Low installation and maintenance cost

Environment respect:
• Charge reduction up to 80%
• Leaks reduction up to 96%
• TEWI reduction of more than 50% due to 96% direct effect reduction (in case of HFC)


Key advantages are:

  • Simple integral loop for MT/LT
  • Wider sales area as no machine room is needed
  • No copper brazing necessary
  • Low installation and maintenance cost
  • Maintenance is localized to the single cabinet as each cabinet has its own unit
  • High fexibility with easy layout change and repositioning
  • High investment recovery in store relocation
  • Real time data monitoring with full control of the units
  • No heat rejection to the sales area
  • Up to 20% lower energy consumption due to high efficiency BLDC
  • Up to 80% refrigerant charge reduction
  • Up to 96% leakage reduction due to hermetically sealed box
  • TEWI reduction of up to 43% by reducing more than 90% of the direct emissions (in the case of HFC)
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