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Youth Inc. "Different" Golf Day 2018

20 October 2018

Also this year we are glad for the opportunity to playing a part in recent Youth Inc.’s ‘Different’ Golf Day, an event which purpose was to inspire and guide young people and help them discover and express their unique talents. We had fun, felt welcomed and most importantly felt a sense of purpose in being present.

Youth Inc. is the foundation for disadvantaged youth established by our SA partner Commercial Retail Group (CRG). It focuses on developing a range of social enterprises that provide training and employment opportunities for young people in need of a second chance. Youth Inc also coordinates an employment program that provides employment opportunities in the CRG business network in the retail, hospitality and construction industries.

Youth Inc. intends to use work as a context for change – as a medium in which disadvantaged young people can address complex issues and where they can learn, grow and achieve. Indeed, it is our belief that the workplace is a proven and effective environment for delivering social interventions.

Youth Inc. "Different" Golf Day 2018

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