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Freshplus Dallas (VIC)

03 November 2018

Our esteemed customer Freshplus Dallas (VIC) is a community-based Supermarket providing quality fresh food, continental and local grocery products and services which are unique in a modern and friendly atmosphere. Our revamp of this store included new wall cabinets Rock Eco dairy closed vertical chillers by Bonnet Neve (Epta), an Onwave 3 Eco glass door multi-deck chiller for drinks and a special version of our Explorer deli.

Explorer by Criocabin is a gravity coil display counter which permit an optimal display of goods in a housing with balanced and refined lines. The cold plate display area is angled at 15° for more visual product presentation. Special stainless steel bumpers have been designed on customer’s request to provide an easy support for client’s baskets. Special IP65 led lighting are water resistant and protected against water jets from any angle.


Freshplus Dallas (VIC)

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