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Antipasti Deli & Cafe Yarraville (VIC)

09 November 2018

Yarraville Square Shopping Centre (VIC) hosts our customer Antipasti Deli & Cafe.

If you come here for a Sunday lunch you will find it busy in a fetching way. Locals and regulars are coming and going, picking up lunch makings and coffee, keeping the place humming and the staff busy. The shop is quite small but stocked with a comprehensive range of goodies. There’s all sorts of filled rolls and pies, all a good range of antipasti, cheese and dips, pasta and sauces and oils and a limited range of fresh produce. There’s pasta sauces to take away – tomato, bolognese, pesto. The display of packaged biscotti and other sweeties is alluring.

Our contribution to this small but busy business’ success is the reliability of our Onwave 3 Eco glass doors vertical chiller and Enixe square fronted deli counter (Criocabin).


Antipasti Deli & Cafe Yarraville (VIC)

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