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The Boatshed Market, Cottesloe (WA)

15 November 2018

The Boatshed Market is most definitely worth visiting. The displays are incredible and worth going there just to see. It has been in Cottesloe (WA) for many years, and it has just gone on and on improving, even a little bit with our help.

Their range of all types of food is second to none in Perth. They even have special sections for some of their homemade hot meals which you can buy in small quantities or eat on the go. They also had a huge dish with a house-made Italian Chicken Cacciatore meal (hot) which looked delicious. The range of take-away is very varied and is divided into sections with each counter having a specialised food, as well as a large counter with various home cooked meals which you can buy by the kilo/container. They have dips, sauces, salads, sushi, soups and much more for those who are busy and do not have time to make everything themselves.

Our exclusive Enixe deli counter by Criocabin SpA seems to go on forever, and is full of “gourmet” convenience pre-cooked meals such as curries, pasta bakes and even an amazing looking stuffed pork roast. It’s unusual to see food of this quality available in this form, and you can also buy many different combinations of washed & chopped fresh vegetables.

You can also find our Amphi-Lopggia-Patio semi-vertical counters, Proxima-Viseo refrigerator display cases and Rock vertical refrigerated cabinet for dairy, delicatessen, meat, fresh produce, all by Epta Group.

The Boatshed Market, Cottesloe (WA)

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