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Gilbert's Fresh Hilton (WA)

07 February 2019

Back in 2016 we have completed an important installation for Gilbert’s Fresh Hilton (WA). Project included several Epta's Proxima Volume meat & dairy 3M1 wall cabinets - the evolution of merchandising featuring a new design and greater efficiency - and the soft and compact lines of Aeria Modular dairy & produce semi-verticals.

Here you can find also a huge custom made Explorer deli case, our cold deck cabinet by Criocabin which allows an optimal display of goods in a housing with balanced and refined lines. Features include flat lift up glass front, front glass demister, rear perspex slides, evaporator with anti-corrosion treatment, internal and external in stainless steel AISI 304, dual pink LED lighting, stainless steel bumpers and cold plate display area angled at 15° for more visual product presentation.

Cool-rooms and cabinets are all operated by our Eptaberg multi compressor plant, ideal for medium to large supermarkets and other commercial projects. As it is necessary to continuously ensure perfect preservation of fresh and frozen food products, the pack cooling the display cabinets and cool-rooms must ensure continuity of service in any working condition. 

Gilbert's Fresh Hilton (WA)

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