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Ritchies SUPA IGA, Carrum Downs (VIC)

28 February 2019

Our customer Ritchies SUPA IGA Carrum Downs (VIC) prides itself on good old fashioned face to face customer service. They offer senior discounts on Thursdays, home delivery services and they will even help you carry your groceries to the car. They are a community minded business who donate to local organisations through the community benefit every time you shop there.

Our intervention in this store consisted in installing our retrofit glass door system, available for existing open-front display refrigerated cabinets. These systems result in important advantages. The doors give the existing display a fresh new look and come with many benefits, making it possible to obtain 30% in energy savings and providing better food preservation without sacrificing product visibility. Investment payback time is estimated to be less than two years.

The shop claims that the retrofitted doors also improved stability of temperature inside the cases, leading to perfect preservation even for the most delicate fresh food. Last but not least, a more comfortable store environment due to the reduction of cold air in the aisle.

Ritchies SUPA IGA, Carrum Downs (VIC)

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