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Pepsico Asia Pacific Conference 2019 (QLD)

13 March 2019

Day 2 for the Pepsico Asia Pacific Conference 2019 at Surfers Paradise (QLD). Our sales executives are side by side with our valued Partner Welbilt Inc. Manitowoc Ice to present the special Multiplex equipment range.

Albi Flex+ Vertical by Welbilt Manitowoc Ice is our exclusive over counter electric soft drink mix dispenser, capable of dispensing 4 products. ‘Plug&Play’ installation requires mains power, CO2 and water connection. BiB must be stored below or on a level with the dispense unit within two meter. Water supply is piped into the unit from the mains 40psi. Beverage grade CO2 supply - 80psi regulators. Benefits: easy installation, low maintenance, aesthetically engaging. This is a stylish, sleek beverage unit designed for smaller outlets such as coffee shops or QSR. Still and/or carbonated beverages can be dispensed at any product position.

DI-1522 & DI-2323 Drop-in Series are Servend’s patented flex manifold that makes carbonated or non-carbonated drink changes possible in minutes. It features easy service access with no tools required to remove drain pan, splash panel, and ice bin door. Its front accessible cold plate inlets allows easy installation and the Flomatic beverage valves enhance drink quality and presentation. Long-lasting LED lighting illuminates the merchandiser while reducing energy usage and lifetime costs. Dual view merchandiser highlights brand offering from all sides.

Multiplex MA-8-2 Blend-In-Cup is a next generation blended ice machine designed to improve restaurant operations. It ensures more profit with 10% yield improvement, better store environment - 50% less noise, and higher drink quality from exact auto cup fill. With an all-in-one convenient footprint, the new Multiplex Blend-In-Cup Workstation makes it easy to add blended beverages to the restaurant operation. So easy to use you can be up and running as a crew-serve or self-serve beverage destination in no time. It improves consistency, controls product costs, reduces waste, labour and serve time. Automated features are designed to complete the entire beverage making process - right in the cup. Easy to use icon based touch screen control makes beverage preparation and inventory management easy. The control panel offers visual training, cleaning, maintenance and data collection information. With the easyTouch icon based touch screen, making a drink is as easy as the press of a button. Everything you need to operate the machine from making a drink to training to cleaning can all be accomplished through this intuitive control panel. Convenience and food safety is built right in. Storage cabinet holds up to 8 beverage flavours. The dispense pump system will handle small particulates and all product is stored at food safe temperatures. Product front-loads easily into a built-in refrigerated pump, dispense and storage cabinet. No manual connection. Operator simply places product in a drawer and slides it in place. The drawer is perfectly aligned with the connection and ensures proper product dispense. On-board cleaning instructions, use a “clean-in-place” system makes food safety and maintenance a snap. Productivity is built right in with a beverage requiring less than 40 seconds to prepare. Dual mixing modules improve throughput even more.

Servend's new SVi Series Ice/Beverage Dispensers features a no hassle one-piece structural base, recessed cold plate inlets for more line space behind the splash panel, and a modular design; all resulting in a more durable machine dispensing consistent, quality drinks. One-piece ABS base provides a solid foundation as well as adding structural rigidity to the dispenser. Enhanced agitation and drive system provides consistent ice dispense and ease of serviceability. Multi-port flex manifold adds carb/noncarb flexibility. Fast flavour change-overs reduce service complexity.

Pepsico Asia Pacific Conference 2019 (QLD)

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