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Randall's Foodworks, Wedderburn (VIC)

10 March 2019

Australian United Retailers Limited (AURL) is an independent retail supermarket group trading under the "FoodWorks" brand. FoodWorks has over 500 supermarkets, food and convenience stores spanning seven states and territories nationally. The past years has seen the brand go from strength to strength, becoming Australia's largest truly independent supermarket group supporting $2 billion in annual sales. Today, FoodWorks prides itself on its fresh, contemporary approach to retail whilst still retaining a friendly, community-focused relationship with its customers. Unlike any other supermarket brand in Australia, every store in FoodWorks is different and each have a strong sense of independence, which gives them full flexibility to tailor their store to their local community’s needs.

Our customer Randall's Foodworks is a family owned and operated regional supermarket serving the community of Wedderburn (VIC) and surrounding districts. Here you can find the new Asia 55 single glass door freezer by Iarp (Epta Group) and our Enixe 100 serve-over deli counter by Criocabin.

The flat surfaces of Enixe refrigerated display case enhance the exposure of the products inside. This display cabinet is the best seller of Criocabin's butchery, delicatessen and cheese display cases, and features a classic design and customizable finishes. Eco-friendly and energy efficient, Enixe is also available with R290 unit. They have chosen to match it with our serve-over hot bain-marie: Enixe 400. Features include overhead heating lamps, lower heating and humidification via bain-marie, and electronic float for water filling.

Randall's Foodworks, Wedderburn (VIC)

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