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The Good Grocer IGA, Leederville (WA)

07 April 2019

The Good Grocer IGA Leederville (WA) is a 24/7 store that has everything from gourmet indulgences to everyday essentials. They have combined The Good Grocer’s expertise for sourcing and providing a range of unique local and imported gourmet food options, with the value for money on fresh and everyday products you’ve come to expect from IGA. The store has been awarded as “IGA Delicatessen Department of the Year” at the IGA Awards Of Excellence 2018.

They needed our help to improve the shopping experience they offer to the customers, to find the best way to show off their selection of delicious self-serve meals, hot dishes and salads. We have responded with new installations completed in late 2018: Criocabin SpA's Elfin deli and custom made self-serve hot/salads cases.

The Elfin self-service refrigerated display case combines a perfect food preservation with a large display area, including gondola and single or multiple levels. It is a highly customizable series of self-service display fridges and can be combined with square and curved refrigerated display case. Client is extremely happy with outcome and overall finish.

Next time you are looking for a quick and easy meal idea, skip the fast food and drop in to the store. Healthy meals are pre-made for your convenience, or if you prefer you can browse the aisles which are packed with all of the ingredients you need to whip up a storm. The gourmet food ranges may even inspire you to discover something new.

The Good Grocer IGA, Leederville (WA)

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