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IGA Marulan plus Liquor, Marulan Village Centre (NSW)

17 April 2019

Our partner IGA Supermarkets had its latest store grand opening on Saturday, 23 March 2019: IGA Marulan + Liquor, located at Marulan Village Centre (NSW). This is the most recent addition to the nationwide IGA network.

Here we have supplied and installed a CO2/R134a cascade refrigeration plant servicing our Rock Eco dairy and Rock Eco meat (vertical cabinets with glass doors), and Enixe deli square fronted counters, perfectly matching an Enixe 400 hot .

"The opening of IGA Marulan is going to be a huge benefit to the local community by creating new jobs and offering an easy, local location to get their weekly groceries" said Lorraine Hill, the Store Manager.

The new supermarket is the first of its kind in the Marulan area and will be a big boost to the local community, with residents previously having to travel over 60km round-trip to their nearest supermarket. It is also anticipated that IGA Marulan will draw in people from the surrounding rural areas, generating additional business for itself and other local businesses.

IGA is a chain of independently operated supermarkets with more than 1,400 stores nationwide. They understand that a business is part of the community it serves, and each community is unique, for this reason every one of the stores have unique products and services to offer their customers. They are proud to support Australia's farmers and producers by stocking locally made products whenever possible. They also take an active role in the communities they serve, helping to support local schools, clubs, and community events.

IGA Marulan plus Liquor, Marulan Village Centre (NSW)

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