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IGA Cottesloe (WA)

11 June 2019

Located only 15 minutes west of the Perth CBD, Cottesloe (WA) is recognised for its superb stretch of beaches, manicured lawns and balcony views over the Indian Ocean. Whether you’re a Perth local, visitor passing by or a valued community member, the village atmosphere and seaside heritage will keep Cottesloe on the list of places you will want to come back to.

In this 7,000 people town you can find a new boutique supermarket of ours, completed back on January 2019: Cottesloe IGA. They stock only the finest, quality products catering to all different types of customers. They tailor the range and brands to deliver a shopping experience to how the locals like it.

This is a new client for AJ Baker who has recently taken over the operation of the supermarket. Here we have provided and installed our exclusive Criocabin Enixe 100 deli, Enixe 400 hot bain-marie (replacing existing deli/hot line-up) and Epta island self-serve cheese.

IGA Cottesloe (WA)

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