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World Refrigeration Day 2019

26 June 2019

Today is the inaugural World Refrigeration Day. It has worldwide support from industry groups, end users, standard bodies and the UN Environment Program (UNEP) and aims to raise awareness of the HVACR sector and the vital role it plays in modern life and society.

“Refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump technologies and applications have evolved out of a human need for food, comfort and thermal processes, with a history dating back centuries,” says former Institute of Refrigeration president and current World Refrigeration Day champion Stephen Gill.

"We rely on refrigeration to sustain life" says our Managing Director, Mike Baker. "From keeping medicines and food supplies safe, to enabling a ready supply of fresh food choices regardless of where we are in the world, refrigeration is an often unheralded and yet vital technology for the modern world."

On this special day we would once again like to thank our team for all the hard work, dedication to each other and the relentless effort to meet our customers’ needs.

World Refrigeration Day 2019

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