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Nikos Cakes, Fairfield (VIC)

03 September 2019

Nikos Fairfield (Vic) opened just three months ago and it has already become the coolest venue in this Melbourne north-east suburb. This new cafe, restaurant and bakery with a Greek twist is always packed of happy customers, so much so that they had to change the original layout of the store to make more room for tables and chairs.

You almost forget that this is also a leading supplier in Melbourne’s thriving cake industry, where an award winning team of dedicated cake designers have produced some of the most spectacular and unique creations in the industry. Just near the corner of the bustling café you can browse the showroom, with dozens of amazing cakes on display, and the largest selection of flavours in Melbourne. Their design staff and decorators have over 60 years of experience behind them in cake decorating and can bring to life anything you could possibly imagine.

Have a better look at the refrigeration equipment they have chosen. Our Elisir 200 square pastry counter by Criocabin and Snelle upright dual temperature cake, patisserie and gelato display are the perfect addition for such a magnificently designed shop.

Nikos Cakes, Fairfield (VIC)

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