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Bunbury Farmers Market (WA)

17 September 2019

The Bunbury Farmers Market (WA) is a well-known fresh food market on the outskirts of Bunbury, two hours south of Perth. The store is frequented not only from the local Bunbury area, but from travellers to and from the South-West of WA, and is well known for providing the best quality and variety in fresh and prepared food. Over 90% of the fruit & veg you see in the store comes directly from local WA growers. They pick it up from the field or farm, they bring it straight to the Famers Market, and they put it on the shelves. It doesn’t go to distribution centres, or cold storage facilities, or spend days travelling to get there.

Back in 2014 the Bunbury Farmers Market have become our 35th site in operation in Australia with the Eptagreen CO2 refrigeration system and also our largest CO2 liquid recirculation refrigeration plant at this time. The recent addition we brought to the store is new Epta Rock cases, included a specialty 90 degree open outside corner cabinet, allowing an exciting display of fresh and prepared products right at the entrance to the store.

AJ Baker & Sons local Bunbury team, with help from our Perth cabinet makers, positioned and got the cases operational over Thursday night, ready for Friday and the weekend trading.

Bunbury Farmers Market (WA)

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