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IGA X-Press Murdoch University (WA)

02 October 2019

Back in May 2019 we celebrated the grand opening of the new IGA X-Press store within the Murdoch University site (WA). As the go-to on campus supermarket, the store provides one-stop shopping experience for students with groceries, fresh produce, bakery and hot-deli foods.

Showcases include Bonnet Neve’s Onwave 3 Green open-fronted fresh produce and the new range of plug-in Multifresh Plus and Multifreeze Plus full glass door supermarket models, both featuring high efficiency fan motors, electronic temperature control and LED lighting to mullions and canopy.

All the cabinets operate on R290 refrigerant (Propane), a future-proof refrigerant with excellent thermodynamic properties. It is becoming an attractive natural refrigerant choice for distributed system architectures such as integral display cases, cold room units and centralised systems.

R290 is in an elite class of natural alternatives to several common high GWP refrigerants in commercial refrigeration. It is a highly refined natural hydrocarbon featuring a GWP of 3 and an ODP of 0. It is flammable but non-toxic. It also presents excellent thermodynamic properties and high energy efficiency, better than R22 and 404A.

The store has had great feedback from both Metcash and other retailers.

IGA X-Press Murdoch University (WA)

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