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Hill of Grace Restaurant (SA)

18 November 2019

Back in August 2014 the Adelaide Oval’s high-end Audi Stadium Club restaurant have been rebadged as the Hill of Grace Restaurant, taking its name from the world-famous Eden Valley wine. Our SA Branch has been lucky enough to be involved in this most glamorous project which become part of the Baker Foodservice Equipment expertise. Also the specialty bespoke built temperature and humidity controlled display cabinet for the Hill of Grace collection was designed and manufactured in our Adelaide facility.

According to the construct brief, the fridges feature a glass front specifically designed to protect the wine from the effects of light, “clean” inside of case with black internal, moisture resistant shelving, and LED strip lighting. The cabinets are lockable, made of solid materials, including “frameless” toughened one-piece glass to optimise viewing of bottles. Each of the two cabinet house 60 bottles in 2 rows, evenly spaced to maximise display. The wine is preserved in a slightly angled position to maximise display and viewing. The refrigeration system keeps the wine at a constant temperature of 10­­°C to 12°C and a constant humidity of 75%, as an average measured from a minimum 6 points within cabinet. A digital display allows the internal temperature control using 6 sensors inside cabinet plus one high/low temperature alarm contact point for interface.

The restaurant’s name is celebrated further by it becoming the home of the only complete set of Hill of Grace wines in the world, stretching from 1958 to the current release. The collection is impossible to value and considered “priceless”.

The restaurant opens to the public for dinner five nights a week as well as lunch on Fridays, while on game and major event days it is open to Stadium Club members, with Oval corporate entertainment membership covering both football and cricket seasons. Expanding the eating options to fine dining and high-end wine appreciation was a natural progression for an icon venue representing South Australia and its world-renowned food and beverage industries.

The Restaurant is now closed as it undergoes renovations as part of the Adelaide Oval Hotel build.

Hill of Grace Restaurant (SA)

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