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Foodland Pasadena (SA)

19 July 2018

Our customer Foodland Pasadena in Adelaide (SA) prides itself on its world class standards and strives to set retail industry benchmarks by exceeding customer expectations in a range of areas. They have everything you need in-store to get more enjoyment out of cooking and entertaining. They have created a haven of fresh and bulk displayed foods with colour, produce and real-food in every direction.

Here in Pasadena Foodland we have installed Epta’s Sound Top overhanging freezer, Aeria semi-vertical self-service counter, Coliseum 3 combination freezer showcase, Proxima-Viseo refrigerator display cases, Flat single deck display (here with sneeze barrier) and a special oyster bar. You can also find our Eride ventilated refrigerated rear counter, Ebony serve-over counter and Esprit pastry counter, all by our exclusive partner Criocabin.



Foodland Pasadena (SA)

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