Natural Refrigerants

To support your business in minimising its environmental footprint, AJ Baker & Sons regularly supplies and installs energy efficient, natural refrigerant-based refrigeration systems, including transcritical CO2 and hydrocarbon cabinets.

Alternative Refrigerants for a Greener Future

Energy efficiency in the refrigeration industry reduces running costs for the client and reduces the impact on the environment. Businesses with energy efficient commercial refrigeration solutions will notice significantly reduced energy costs.

The benefits of an energy efficient commercial refrigeration unit extend beyond monetary savings, when you opt for an energy efficient option, your business will be able to report positively against its environmental and sustainable goals.

Our environmental management policy is one of our highest corporate priorities and places us amongst the leaders in our industry.

We are recognised as one of the pioneering companies in Australia who have helped to make the business case for natural refrigerants as alternatives to HFCs and have played a critical role in advancing the adoption of natural refrigerants in Australia.

Throughout the evolving Refrigeration & HVAC industry we have continually adapted to meet the challenges of the shift from CFC based refrigerants to HCFC/HFC Refrigerants, the use of natural refrigerants and the upgrade from Analogue to Digital phase for sophisticated refrigeration controls.

Since our first project in 2013 we have been involved in the design and installation of transcritical CO2 supermarket and have led over 30 installations in Australia.

We have a valued partnership with the Epta Group where we combine expertise, enabling us to apply the technology to Australian conditions.

We see that transcritical CO2 is the way forward for the supermarket industry with the reduction of HFC import quotas in Australia.

EptaBerg Refrigeration Plant

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