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Hill Defence Products

Hill Defence Products is a subsidiary of AJ Baker & Sons based in South Australia. The team are commissioned by the Australian Defence Force to undertake a series of projects and we are proud suppliers of Refrigeration/Air-conditioning and Catering equipment to the Australian Defence Force spanning 42 years.


We design, engineer, manufacture, service/repair and supply off the shelf solutions (COT’s & MOT’s) equipment while adhering with the stringent military standards set by our customers and the ADF. we also carry out the Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) function for all types of refrigeration, air-conditioning and foods services equipment including in-house repairs and refurbishments.


With the support of our expert teams and a direct reliable supply of raw materials from local suppliers, our certified facilities manufacture equipment to the highest standards of quality, safety and consistency. We are continuously upgrading our facilities with the latest technology and expanding our production capacity responding to market demand. Equipment is subjected to and meets with the requirements as per the Military Environmental Testing Procedures.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Defence-related hospitality equipment
  • Mobile refrigeration
  • Chilled water systems
  • Refrigerated and freezer cabinets
  • Cool rooms
  • Portable DC voltage water coolers
  • Portable DC voltage refrigerators
  • Mobile military and commercial field kitchens
  • Military vehicle air conditioning and associated equipment
  • Air conditioning modules for RAAF remote telecommunication equipment

Hill Defence Products have the necessary credentials to meet the ADF’s “Mil-spec” standards.

Major Projects

  • Collins Class Submarines – Complete Galley Fit-out (6 vessels)
  • Huon Class Minehunter – Complete Galley Fit-out (6 vessels)
  • FFG Frigate – Complete Galley Fit-out (6 vessels)
  • ANZAC Class Frigates – Complete Galley Fit-out (6 vessels
  • Thales Australia- Huon Class Galley upgrade (6 vessels)
  • FFG Frigate Upgrade – Refrigeration & Catering equipment (6 vessels)
  • RAAF – Design & Construction of 45 Command Module A/C units, AIR87
  • ADF – HLTHSPO – Design, Construct & Maintain over 150 mobile 6.8kW HVAC units, environment controlled (medical) filtration systems
  • Tiger Attack Helicopters – portable 18kW air-conditioning system
  • Varley Group – manufacture and commission 6 x 6kW SATCOM trailer hard fixed cooling systems
  • RAAF-Super Hornet – Design and Construct 23 x hard fixed air-conditioning systems portable containers
  • BAE – Captive cooling systems
  • Lockheed Martin – 3 x 18kW TADRS portable environment control systems
  • Global Defence Solutions – 3 x RAAF Deployable Containerized Catering System
  • MCDSPO Navy – Mine Hunter Class – Obsolescence Design Review, ILS thru to end of life 2027
  • A.N – ILS ANZAC vessels thru to end of life 2027
  • Daronmont Technologies- modifications and upgrade of environmental control systems x 40
  • Daronmont Technologies – 5 year comprehensive maintenance servicing 40 x ECU’s RAAF 114 Bases Darwin & Newcastle
  • ASC – ongoing ILS support – maintenance contracts refurbishing galley equipment
  • ASP Ship Management – ILS support HMAS Sirius
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