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Hill Defence Products

Hill Defence Products, a subsidiary of AJ Baker & Sons in South Australia, stands as a steadfast supplier to the Australian Defence Forces for over 40 years.

Specializing in Refrigeration/Air-conditioning and Catering equipment, our commitment to excellence has propelled us to become a trusted partner for the Australian Defence Force.


At Hill Defence Products, we are not just suppliers; we are an integral part of the Australian Defence Force’s mission. Our comprehensive capabilities encompass:

Designing: Crafting innovative solutions tailored to military standards.
Managing: Overseeing projects from conception to completion.
Installing: Implementing cutting-edge equipment with precision.
Commissioning: Ensuring seamless functionality of all systems.
Supporting: Providing ongoing assistance and maintenance.
Maintaining: Upholding the highest standards of equipment longevity.
Supplying Spare Parts: Offering a reliable source for critical components.

Commissary Equipment Excellence

Our product range includes commissary equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army, and Royal Australian Air Force. From Cooking Equipment to Refrigerated and Preparation Equipment, our offerings are engineered covering:

  • Cooking Ranges, Combi Steam Ovens, Fryers, and Microwaves.
  • Refrigerators, Display Coldwells, Bar Cabinets, and Ice Makers.
  • Vegetable Cutters, Mixers and Slicers
  • Undercounter Dishwashers, Pass-Through Dishwashers, Macerators, and Power Soak.
  • GN Bain-Maries, Toasters, Ice Cube Makers, Ice-Cream Machines, and Microwaves.
  • Tumble Dryers, Washers-Extractors, and Drying Cabinets.
  • Stainless steel furniture, cabinetry, and surfaces.
  • Engineering Excellence and Specifications

Applications Across Industries

Hill Defence Products’ equipment works across various sectors such as Marine (Galley and Commissary), Field/Portable Operations, Barracks and Hospitals as well as Hospitality and Electronics.

Areas of Expertise

  • Working with the following power supply voltages: 115VAC/60HZ,208-240VAC/50-60HZ,415-440VAC/50-60HZ, 380-440VDC.
  • HVAC systems, fixed & portable.
  • Air filtration systems, fixed & portable.
  • Integrated Chilled water systems.
  • Cool rooms and freezer rooms.
  • Portable DC voltage water coolers and refrigerators.
  • Commercial Kitchens.

With an impressive portfolio of major projects, including collaborations with ASC-Collins Class Submarines, BAE-Huon Class Minehunter, WAMA-ANZAC Class Frigates, and more, Hill Defence Products stands as a reliable partner meeting “Mil-spec” standards.

Explore Defence solutions with Hill Defence Products – Your Trusted Partner in Excellence.


AJ Baker & Sons Defence Industry Security Program Membership
HILL DEFENCE ABN: 93 008 734 834

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