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Baker Refrigeration at EuroShop 2023

Our team is thrilled to be heading back to Europe after a long time away to attend EuroShop in Düsseldorf, Germany. The event is one of the world’s largest trade fairs for the retail industry, and it attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

The team is also excited to reconnect with our valued friends from Epta and Criocabin and many others. They will be arriving from all over Australia to attend this event and eager to explore everything EuroShop has to offer.

The trip is an opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones. We will be sharing the trip here and on our social media using the hashtag #AJBEuroTrip2023, so be sure to follow along to keep up with the adventures.

Journal Entry 1

As the team made their way from around Australia the tour started in earnest!

The team enjoyed a meal (Rhys a little more than others). Pictured:  Kylie, Mitch Jacobsen, Brad McQueen (Epta), Mary, Jonathan Fryer (ALDI & Ritchies Refrigeration Consultant), Jim Power (Fonko NZ), Mike Baker and Lucinda Moore.

Mitch, Lucinda and Kylie had a tour of the Criocabin Factory with Valerio Polga and Manuel De Paolis both integral and long -time friends at Criocabin, the Epta Plant was next on the visit!

With some early starts and long days of travelling and networking we provided all of our guests a “survival kit” to ensure they stay warm and vitamins topped up!

Journal Entry 2

EuroShop 2023 is underway! The team hung out at the Epta stand, enjoyed some great food, took in some sites like the Château de Düsseldorf and made sure they kept warm!

Journal Entry 3

The team spent time with our friends at Criocabin who launched their new product the MAX, you will see Manuel, Lucinda and Claus behaving.

As for Mitch and Matt we think they should have found their snacks elsewhere!

Journal Entry 4

The final days of the EuroTrip was spent visiting a number of new and/or recently built Edeka and Akzenta stores in and around Dusseldorf. The team saw some innovative food display and marketing techniques, including in-store cafes, restaurants and wine bars.

They also visited with the Bitzer team at their original compressor factory in Schkeuditz.

The last day in Germany was spent visiting stores on the way to Berlin, and taking in some of the historical sites such as the Brandenburg Gates and Checkpoint Charlie.

The last stop on the trip was a train ride (and an album cover photo shoot) on the way to Paris for a day of store tours, clearly some were not keen on the walking!


Journal Entry 5

On their final day in Europe, the team spent time in Paris visiting nine stores and trying out various modes of transportation. One highlight of the day was exploring the BilToki Les Halles D’issy market, located on the banks of the Seine in the Issy Val de Seine district, which boasted over 100 square meters of fresh and delectable produce.

During their stroll through the city, the team came across unique deli counters, such as Maison Morange, and other fromageries that had found innovative solutions for limited space. For instance, some had created movable flooring for their large display cases, rolling them back into the store each evening.

The team are looking forward to the next EuroShop Exhibition and store tours.




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