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Ampol Pheasants Nest (NSW)

The NSW team completed multiple air conditioning installations at two Ampol locations on the northbound and the southbound side of the Hume Highway.

The installations included all mechanical systems for the base building the Ampol tenancy, Hungry Jack’s tenancy, Krispy Kreme store rooms and Oporto southbound.

The base building works for each side of the highway consisted of 1 Temperzone ducted air conditioning system and 2 Daikin ducted systems to serve the large dining area and the truckers lounge along with 2 wall split systems in the main switch room. The team also installed the ventilation required for the amenities and fresh air intakes.

Within Ampol, also located on both sides of the Hume Highway we installed a large VRV (variable refrigerant volume) air conditioning system to serve the front of house along with a back-of-house split ducted system and a ceiling cassette in the office space. We also added a small amount of ventilation to bring in fresh air and remove unwanted heat discharge from the dairy fridge and the coffee station.

At Hungry Jack’s the team installed a 2 head ducted VRV air conditioning system along with all ventilation fans and ductwork required, we also installed ESP (Energy Smart Performance) filters into the kitchen exhaust ducts to help reduce the amount of oil buildup in the fans and ductwork.

Within Oporto we also installed a 2 head ducted VRV air conditioning system as well as 2 overhead exhaust range hoods with built-in ESP filters for oil reduction along with all required ventilation for the kitchen to operate correctly.

In the Krispy Kreme areas, we installed the Daikin split air conditioning system in both store rooms.

Thank you to Mainbrace for supplying the aerial photograph.


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