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Celebrating 60 years of Manitowoc Ice

2024 represents 60 years of the Manitowoc Ice brand!

Since its inception in 1964, Manitowoc Ice has been at the forefront of ice-making technology. In 1966, Manitowoc Equipment Works patented the vertical evaporator, revolutionizing ice production by simplifying processes, conserving energy, and delivering large volumes of ice efficiently.

In 1993, Manitowoc took a significant step towards environmental sustainability by phasing out refrigerants containing Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) from its ice machines. They are now surging ahead with natural refrigerants, proving their drive to be the best in the market.

Today, the vertical evaporator remains the standard in the industry, enabling foodservice operators to expand their beverage offerings profitably.

Now, 60 years later, Manitowoc ice machines are found across the globe, in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, retirement homes and mining sites/camps.
The iconic Manitowoc snowflake symbolizes innovation, reliability, sanitation, and efficiency.

At AJ Baker & Sons we are proud of our longstanding partnership as the exclusive importer of Manitowoc Ice’s range of ice machines and dispensers across Australia.

Our collaboration, which began nearly 50 years ago in Western Australia, continues to thrive, serving countless businesses and communities nationwide.

Congratulations to Manitowoc Ice!

If you are interested in purchasing a Manitowoc Ice Machine you can view the full range of heads, dispensers and ice storage bins here!


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