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Green info from our solar panel installations

For the previous 3 months, our 3 main systems have produced the following percentage of the total power required for their branch.

  • Perth: 44%
  • NSW: 42%
  • QLD: 56%

These figures are slightly lower than the previous months, as we are now into winter, but nevertheless, it is a huge saving.

In total, we have 200 kW of solar panels on the roof-tops of Brisbane, Sydney and the two Perth properties. This is a great saving to the business, as well as showing our push towards being a “greener” company.

The Australian continent has the highest solar radiation per square metre of any continent and consequently some of the best solar energy resource in the world. The regions with the highest solar radiation are the desert regions in the northwest and centre of the continent.

Australia receives an average of 58 million PJ (petajoule) of solar radiation per year, approximately 10,000 times larger than its total energy consumption. However, Australia’s current use of solar energy is low with solar energy accounting for only about 0.1% of Australia’s total primary energy consumption.


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