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IGA Express Denmark – WA

A new installation project was completed at IGA X-Press Denmark in the picturesque town of Denmark in Western Australia’s lower South-west. This project involved supplying and installing a range of refrigeration equipment from the trusted brand Bonnet Névé.

One of the key components of this installation was the Bonnet Névé Crystal glass door freezer, which features ten doors and offers ample storage space for frozen goods. Another essential piece of equipment was the Bonnet Névé Rock Eco glass door dairy and Bonnet Névé Rock Eco meat case, which comes equipped with a 24-tube evaporator and ‘advance’ frameless doors. This case is specifically designed to keep dairy and meat products fresh and at the correct temperature.

To keep the fresh produce chilled, the installation also included the Bonnet Névé Rock open-fronted case. This case is perfect for displaying a large range of fresh produce and is specifically designed to maintain optimal temperatures and humidity levels.

To power this equipment, a low-temperature Airefrig TD enthalpy condensing unit with a Bitzer compressor and a medium-temperature Airefrig TD enthalpy condensing unit with a Bitzer compressor and 50% unloader solenoid was installed. These compressors are specifically designed to provide efficient and reliable operation.

Each case in the installation is equipped with a Carel IR33 electronic controller, which ensures that the store runs smoothly and that each piece of equipment is operating at optimal levels. The electronic controller provides real-time data on the temperature, allowing for quick adjustments to be made to ensure the quality and freshness of the products in the store.



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