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IGA Umina Beach (NSW)

Located along the central coast of New South Wales, you will find IGA Umina Beach within the Lone Pine Plaza. Our New South Wales team handled the supply and installation of commercial refrigeration for this store.

At the entrance, customers are greeted by the fresh produce area, featuring the Bonnet Névé Rock Eco produce case. This remote cabinet boasts mirrored end walls and a canopy, maximizing product visibility. A sturdy stainless steel bumper protects it from trolley bumps, while manual night blinds protects the coolness overnight.

Further inside, the Criocabin Enixe Lounge serves as a showcase for deli goods, enhancing the presentation of cheeses and delicatessen products. This plug-in case features natural refrigerant and a convenient flat lift-up front glass, with optional corner pieces.

The meat and meals section is equipped with a lineup of Bonnet Névé Rock Eco units, complemented by a Bonnet Névé Crystal glass door freezer.

On the back wall, a series of Bonnet Névé Rock Eco house a wide range of dairy products, seamlessly transitioning into a lineup of Bonnet Névé Crystal freezers for frozen goods.

Near the checkout area you will find the Bonnet Névé Stone a low height open case that is perfect for grab-and-go drinks.

Beyond the retail floor the team installed 2 cool rooms, 1 produce prep room and a frozen room while on the roof we installed the Epta Green EC91 Transcritical CO2 rack.

The EC91 rack offers superior energy efficiency and environmental friendliness compared to traditional refrigerants. The innovative design ensures optimal performance in various climate conditions, making it a versatile choice for the supermarket idustry. Engineered with reliability in mind, this Epta rack not only reduces carbon emissions but also provides long-term cost savings for supermarkets committed to sustainability.

You can view the installation photos below and find a map that will take you straight to the store!

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