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New Hot Food Display Cases!

Hot food display cabinets are a great investment for any supermarket, deli or corner store offering ready-to-go hot chicken, burgers, pizza, or bread.

Baker Refrigeration is pleased to announce the arrival of the Bonnet Névé Curl Hot and the Offlip Hot.

The two new products complement the Bonnet Névé Curl 3 Green Eco and the Offlip Range of chillers, they are available with a black exterior and stainless steel interior.

They are also convenient, plug-in models ready to showcase your hot food products.


Increased Product Visibility: Hot food display cabinets are designed to be visually appealing and draw customers in helping improve the visibility of your products.

Improved Food Quality: You are able to maintain food temperature, ensuring that the food is served at the optimal temperature and quality.

Convenience: These models allow customers to see what the choices and make their selections quickly.

Adding a hot food display cabinet to your supermarket can be a great way to increase the visibility of your hot chooks and read-to-go meals.

Contact Baker Refrigeration to discuss how the Offlip Hot or Curl Hot will fit into your existing line-up or as a stand-alone product.



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