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In an era of ever-increasing consumer expectations, Australian supermarkets are stepping up their game to stay relevant and capture the hearts of their local communities. Gone are the days when grocery shopping was a mundane task; today, it has become an experience that goes beyond simply filling the pantry.

The article “Australian Supermarkets Go Bougie to Battle for Community Hub Crown” explores how supermarkets in Australia are transforming themselves into vibrant community hubs, providing not only essential groceries but also a range of enticing services and experiences.

The article delves into the emerging trend of supermarkets embracing a more upscale and sophisticated image, commonly referred to as “bougie.” With a focus on delivering a special shopping experience, these supermarkets are going above and beyond to create spaces that cater to the diverse needs of their customers.

From premium product offerings and gourmet sections to stylish store designs and dedicated community areas, Australian supermarkets are vying for the coveted title of the ultimate community hub.

We are certainly proud to have played a role in helping bring some of these stores to life!

View just one of our installations here:

IGA Queen St Village – QLD



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