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Woodvale IGA (WA)

Woodvale IGA on Trappers Drive recently underwent a full store refurbishment with the Perth team supplying and installing the refrigeration equipment.

The renovation has been 3 years in the making due to the delays in the construction sector, Lee-Anne & Adam the store owner were determined to keep the store open throughout the renovation so their valued customers did not miss out, so we worked with her on this.

As you enter the Woodvale store you will see the vibrant fresh produce area, along the wall is the Bonnet Névé Rock Open Produce cabinet, a remote case that is the perfect fruit and vegetable showcase for your store.

Under the eye-catching neon-look signage, you will find the Bonnet Névé Latitude with a selection of ready-to-go meals and nearby you’ll find the Criocabin Enixe Hot Serve-Over Deli Counter with an extensive hot food selection as well as just over 8m of the Criocaboin Enixe Deli Counter!

In the middle section is an array of the Bonnet Névé Stone Semi-vertical Chillers, displaying ready-to-go meals, cheeses and deli meats.

Opposite the deli counter is the very popular Bonnet Névé Rock Open Meat case.

Towards the rear of the store, you will find the Bonnet Névé Crystal in both the 4-door and 5-door models as well as a Bonnet Névé Rock Pet Food Case and in the far corner the Bonnet Névé Soundtop a wall-mounted freezer with the AHT Athen ECO chest style freezer.

Underneath the exceptionally straight pipework, you will see the run of Bonnet Névé Crystal Freezers in the 3 and 5-door models.

The Bonnet Névé Rock ECO Dairy cases house the cheeses and yogurts while the Bonnet Névé Stone Low Height Chiller keeps additional ready-to-go meals, dips and smallgoods fresh.

In the back of house, we built the new dairy, produce and deli coolrooms as well as the frozen food coolroom.

The 30 year old compressor system was replaced with a state-of-the-art transcritical CO2 refrigeration system with a massive reduction from 9 compressors and 18 rooftop fans to 5 compressors and 3 fans.

The remote refrigeration is kept running by the Epta ECO Large compressor pack operating with the Carel “Boss” system integrated into the store’s network allowing for remote access and monitoring.

By having remote access, potential issues can be identified and addressed promptly, leading to improved system efficiency and reduced downtime.

The upgrade to the transcritical CO2 refrigeration system, coupled with remote monitoring and management capabilities, has enabled the store to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly store.

If you want to view the commercial refrigeration in the store you can find a link to a Google map below.



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