Manitowoc RNS0600A

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Manitowoc RNS0600A

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Modular Nugget Ice Machine

The Manitowoc nugget ice machine produces a tubular nugget ice with a soft, chewable texture while maintaining maximum cooling ability.

High capacity dispensing make this ideal for convenience stores and restaurant settings.

Don’t forget to select the matching bin below to complete the machine.

With longer pieces and 90% ice quality, the tubular nugget is ideal for dispensing applications reducing the potential for congealing ice and minimising drink dilution.

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Product IDMAN_RNS0600A
Ice TypeNugget
Ice Production (21°C air & 10°C water)266 kg per day
Ice Production (32°C air & 21°C water)204 kg per day
Size559 × 600 × 660 (mm)


Nugget Ice Machines
Machine Type:
Ice-Making Equipment:

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