M Series M1400

M Series

Ice Production 21°air/10°water

649kg Dice
670kg Half Dice

Ice Production 32°air/21°water

479kg Dice
498kg Half Dice

Dimensions (mm)

75(h) x 122(w) x 62(d)

Bin/Dispenser Options


Further information on the product

Manitowoc M series ice machines are designed from the ground up to meet your operational demands for a worry-free, simple-to-use, basic ice machine; but that doesn’t mean we cut corners on quality. Instead, we used a combination of engineering experience and manufacturing expertise to create an affordable, reliable ice machine at a price that’s well within reach.

We didn’t cut corners on ease-of-use, cleaning or maintenance either. There are only three controls you need: On, Off and Clean. And for cleaning, access to the evaporator and food zone is simple with the removal of just two screws and easy, lift-off door.


Running Cost Calculator

When you are shopping for a new commercial appliance, think about the ongoing running costs as well as the purchase price. Our running cost calculator give you approximate running costs of our cabinet. It is provided for estimating purposes only. Actual energy savings may vary based on use and other factors. The costs do not take into account the electricity supply charge that is found on your bill.


Electricity Rate ($/kWh)

Operating Hours/Day

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