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The new EptaGreen refrigerating compressor pack guarantees greater energy efficiency and lower running costs. Depending on the installation used, savings up of up to 10% are possible.

EptaGreen uses the natural gas R744 (CO2) as its refrigerant liquid, in total conformity with gradual restrictions on the use of synthetic coolants that deplete the ozone layer (Montreal Protocol 1987) and a reduction in the emission into the atmosphere of greenhouse gas (Kyoto Protocol 1999).

Compared to a similar unit, TEWI (total equivalent Warming Impact) values for EptaGreen are up to 30% lower than those for an HFC gas system. This equals an enormous energy saving.

TEWI calculation takes into account both quantification of emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from the production of electricity from fossil sources and refrigerant leaks during the system’s useful life. With an aim to developing eco-sustainable solutions, the new EptaGreen compressor pack has been studied to minimise vibrations and refrigerant leaks, as shown by structure and vibration analyses carried out and certified in collaboration with the faculties of engineering at Bergamo and Brescia universities.

Thanks to its new frame in folded sheet metal, with special high-resistance steel rivets, EptaGreen is in first place for reduction in vibrations, increasing its level of reliability and safety.

EptaGreen has been designed to meet the various market needs thanks to a wide range of solutions, such as sound insulation with hoods for external installations, internal evaporator for cooling of the compressor housing at constant temperature and a completely configurable electrical box, either on-board or remote.

EptaGreen guarantees lower costs and fast easy installation, also thanks to the smaller pipes used for R744 gas, the condenser plate heat exchangers and the liquid receiver on board. The new range of Epta compressor packs has also been designed with maintenance effective solutions in mind: each part is easy to reach and technical assistance is simpler thanks to same-side positioning of the coolant manifolds (supply and return) and oil manifolds, together with a bypass on the filters and corner valves.

All Epta compressor packs undergo strict checks that guarantee conformity with European Pressure equipment Directive 97/23/EC: complete working tests, carried out in the factory, include leak testing on the refrigeration circuit and testing of the electrics. Each EptaGreen compressor pack has at least two plate heat exchangers sized to allow constant working even during repairs, maintenance or breakdown. EptaGreen offers high safety standards when running and during maintenance, thanks to the characteristics of the refrigerant used. The R744 gas is not toxic or inflammable.

A wide range of accessories makes EptaGreen even more suitable to your every need. Accessories for electrical section:
1. Residual current protection for compressors, condenser valves and auxiliary circuit
2. Night Time set back timer
3. Additional auxiliary circuit transformer
4. Compressor electromechanical hour-meters
5. Compressor relays
6. Additional working lamps and test-operation circuit
7. Warning lamps test-operation circuit
8. Compressor/condensing valves manual switches
9. Voltage monitor
10. Power factor correction capacitors

Accessories for mechanical section:
a. Additional low pressure switch for emergency load disconnection
b. Different versions of the oil regulation system
c. Plate heat exchangers with mechanical or electronic expansion valves
d. Evaporating fluid to be selected among: R404a; R407a; R407c; R134a; R744 transcritical


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