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Conceived to meet the needs of medium and large stores, the new range of low-temperature Eptagreen compressor racks deliver a heat extraction rate that ranges from 8 to 84kW. This ensures an increase of up to 10% in efficiency and, thanks to its eco-friendly heart, based on cascade refrigeration with R744 (CO2), a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

TEWI calculation takes into account both quantification of emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from the production of electricity from fossil sources and refrigerant leaks during the system's lifespan. With an aim to developing eco-sustainable solutions, the new Eptagreen compressor pack has been studied to minimise vibrations and refrigerant leaks, as shown by structure and vibration analyses carried out and certified in collaboration with two faculties of engineering at Italian universities.

Thanks to its new frame in folded sheet metal, with special high-resistance steel rivets, Eptagreen is in first place for reduction in vibrations, increasing its level of reliability and safety.

  • Large size CO2 pack
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Lower running costs
  • Minimises vibrations through its new rivetted steel frame
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