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AUR Conference Cairns 2022

Thank you for visiting the team at the AUR Conference in Cairns. Below are all the products we featured in our marketing.

If you wish to check your Energy Efficiency Rebate eligibility, you can click here for the relevant links.


Tecfrigo Dry Aged Meat Cabinet

Tecfrigo Isola Bain Marie

Tecfrigo Snelle Cake Display

Bonnet Névé Latitude

Bonnet Névé Multifresco

Criocabin Erin


Bonnet Névé Curl 3 Green

Bonnet Névé Curl Hot

Bonnet Névé Onwave 3 Eco

Bonnet Névé Onwave 3 Green

Bonnet Névé Multifresh

Bonnet Névé Multifreeze

Bonnet Névé Offlip 3 Green

Bonnet Névé Offlip Hot

Criocabin Enixe Range

Manitowoc H: i1900 + B: D970

Manitowoc H: i1500 + D: SFA291

Manitowoc H: IDT0620A + B: D420

Manitowoc H: M420A + D: SPA162

Manitowoc H: M0500A + B: D570

Manitowoc H: M1400A + B: D970

Neo Undercounter

Sotto UG50

Manitowoc Flaker

Kloppenberg SP1


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