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Hungry Jack’s – QLD

The air conditioning upgrade at Hungry Jack’s in Burleigh West was completed by the Queensland team in April 2021. Baker Air Conditioning installed a 56kW ducted split system and a 65kW ducted split system at the store.

These new units were chosen to replace the older systems that had reached the end of their economic life. However, what makes this installation unique is the placement of the indoor units. Instead of installing them within the ceiling space of the restaurant and kitchen, the team installed them in purpose-built enclosures on the roof.

This approach allows for easier access to the units for regular cleaning of the filters. In environments like restaurants and kitchens, the filters tend to get clogged up quickly due to the presence of grease. By placing the units on the roof, the team ensures that the filters can be cleaned more efficiently, maintaining optimal performance.

Additionally, the team installed a mini BMS (Building Management System) Control System to manage the air conditioning, ventilation fans, and cold rooms. This centralised control system enhances the overall efficiency of the systems, resulting in energy savings for the restaurant.

Since the installation of the new air conditioning and BMS system, the store has reported a significant reduction in power consumption. The combination of the upgraded units and the BMS control has contributed to these energy savings.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this commercial air conditioning project, feel free to chat with the Queensland team.



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