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Displayed Products at Metcash Food EXPO

Thank you for visiting us at the Metcash Food EXPO in QLD we’ve listed the products you saw on display below.

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Bonnet Névé Offlip 3 Green

Bonnet Névé Skylight Integral

Bonnet Névé Curl 3 Green

Bonnet Névé Multifresco Plus

Bonnet Névé Latitude LS

Bonnet Névé Multifresh Plus

Bonnet Névé Curl Hot

Bonnet Névé Drift

Bonnet Névé Offlip Hot

Criocabin Enixe Deli Counter

Bonnet Névé Enixe Hot

Criocabin Enixe Meat


Bonnet Névé Rock Dairy



Bonnet Névé Stone



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