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Moora IGA – WA

In late 2023, our Perth installation team headed to Moora, 177 kilometres north of Perth where we completed a comprehensive refrigeration upgrade at the local IGA, transforming it into the town’s centrepiece!

We installed a range of energy-efficient commercial refrigeration equipment from leading brands such as Epta, Criocabin, Columbia, and Ubert.

As you step into the store, the vibrant marketplace greets you with a display of fresh produce, ready-to-go meals, and a well-stocked selection of frozen goods. Commercial refrigeration installed includes the Bonnet Névé Stone, ensuring optimal temperatures for chilled drinks, and two Columbia Twice units, efficiently cooling ready-to-go meals, soups, and cheeses.

On the left side of the entrance is the Bonnet Névé Rock open produce case equipped with night blinds, the case presents an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. Adjacent to this is the Bonnet Névé Rock Eco glass door meat case, both operating remotely via the external plant for seamless functionality.

Stretching along the back of the store is 26 meters of the Bonnet Névé Rock Eco, with a diverse selection of dairy products. Complementing this are four long runs of the Bonnet Névé Crystal Glass Door Freezer providing ample space for a variety of frozen goods.

Back towards the front of the store you will find the Criocabin Enixe serve-over deli counter, showcasing some amazing food prepared and cooked in-store. For those looking for ready-to-go hot roast chooks and hot meals, the Ubert Hot Island Merchandiser is just before the checkouts!

Our commitment extends beyond supply, installations and servicing; we thrive on collaborating with regional supermarkets, offering practical solutions and energy-efficient refrigeration equipment.

Be sure to plan a visit this upgraded store on your next road trip and contact our team if you spot equipment you’d like us to supply and install for your supermarket.

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