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World Refrigeration Day 2020

We are celebrating World Refrigeration Day, a day where we raise awareness about refrigeration and air-conditioning.

This year AJ Baker & Sons have taken the opportunity to celebrate all of our exceptional service and installation staff that have remained on call over the past 6 months to ensure supermarkets across Australia can continue to provide fresh produce to everyone during COVID.

WRD Background

The date of 26 June chosen as a permanent memorial to celebrate the birth date of the British mathematician and physicist Lord Kelvin (William Thomson), whose contributions to science included a major role in the development of the second law of thermodynamics; the absolute temperature scale – measured in kelvins, known as The Kelvin Scale.

2020 Theme

The global theme for 2020 is “Cold Chain 4 Life”.

European Partnership for Energy and Environment: “Our sector is essential for our health, for our productivity, for our wellbeing. And it does not stop there. Cooling can play a major role to support the decarbonisation of our economy by ensuring energy savings and supporting the shift to renewable energies, for example, with solutions such as heat recovery, thermal storage and demand response,” said Andrea Voigt, EPEE Director General.



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