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Ritchies Rowville (VIC) on Retail World Magazine

19 March 2019

Our contribution to major renovation is now complete and we think you’ll be amazed at what Ritchies Rowville (VIC) has been transformed into.

Here you can find our Viseo Eco Dairy. This ventilated medium temperature vertical cabinet features glass doors specifically designed to guarantee maximum energy savings and perfect conservation of fresh food, even the most temperature sensitive. 3M1 temperature classification, 2 heights and 3 depths available. For bakery, service desk and flowers & chocolate areas they have chosen the versatility of our Vienna serve-over counter.

On the February issue of Retail World Magazine, an interesting article by Nicholas Rider:

"Curtains goes up on Ritchies’ Rowville “Theatre”.

Ritchies’ has launched its latest Fine Food and Wine Merchant store at Rowville in Melbourne’s south east.

Ritchies IGA Rowville opened to the public in early December following a refurbishment of the previous store. The new design worked within the existing walls, with a floor space of about 2,600sqm. The fresh food area, however, was extensively reworked.

"Two full grocery aisles were removed from the store, which allowed us to expand the fresh food section considerably," Ritchies Stores National Marketing General Manager Jarrod Swaine said. "Fresh food [accounts] for around 45% of the floor space now. The whole fresh food emporium was designed to give the shopper a market feel". He says the different fresh food departments carry their own "unique signage and character" as if they are individual shops.

Mr Swaine says that while Rowville is based on Ritchies' Mount Eliza and Dromana stores in the Melbourne area, the group has taken the concept further with a "whole lot more theatre involved in the design". Though many of the original departments remain, the look and feel of each has been upgraded to further enhance the range on offer. The new store also introduces new features not included in previous stores, such as a Turkish delight selection offering 40 different types of the sweet treat, an extended hot food range, a giftware section and a large range of gourmet household kitchen lines to cater for at-home entertaining.

According to Mr Swaine, ready-to-eat meals have been a focus for Ritchies for some time now, and an extensive range of hot and cold meals in the Rowville store covers all meals and snacking occasions. A hot food case at the front of the store offers a range of Pie Face pies and sausage rolls. which he says have been a hit with locals, especially tradies, while the Sushi&Co kiosk has been a welcome addition to the store.

"In addition to this, a wall of T2 features prominently opposite the artisan bakery display," Mr Swaine said. "Catering for all our shoppers' bread needs, the artisan range boasts product from the likes of Noisette and Laurent, both bought in fresh daily. If you're looking for something sweet, then go no further than the patisserie where you'll find a huge selection of cakes, macarons and slices."

Other theatrical touches include a display of whole fish presented on an ice bed in the front portion of a boat, while a tank next to this is stocked with local peninsula Mount Martha mussels. Mr Swaine says a deli and cheese department "cries out for attention" as you enter the store, full of both every day and gourmet meats, pastries, salads and antipastos. A large range of dips and prepacked cheese is available in the island case opposite the deli cabinets.

Meat was previously cut off-site, but a meat room has been added as part of the refurb and is a huge standout, says Mr Swaine, featuring a serve-over and self-serve case predominately dedicated to aged beef. "A large window looking into the aged beef room complete with an illuminated salt block wall has been of major interest to the Rowville customers," he said, "with more orders being taken here than in any of the other Ritchies stores where this concept has been included. We even have shoppers who purchase a dry aged cut, take home a portion and leave the remainder to pick up at another time so the ageing process can continue."

Freshly squeezed orange juice and cold pressed juices are also made on-site in the produce department, promising shoppers the freshest product available. Additionally, the liquor store has been transformed, its range of chilled white and sparkling wine and international wines extended, while the premium spirit range is claimed to be the best available on this side of the city. The liquor store also focuses heavily on Yarra Valley wines, incorporating three tasting zones.

To promote the opening of the store, Ritchies sent out a 24-page coffee-table booklet to 30,000 households. "This brochure was not about price," Mr Swaine said. "It was about the attributes of the store and the different products that are available."


Ritchies Rowville (VIC) on Retail World Magazine

Pepsico Asia Pacific Conference 2019 (QLD)

13 March 2019

Day 2 for the Pepsico Asia Pacific Conference 2019 at Surfers Paradise (QLD). Our sales executives are side by side with our valued Partner Welbilt Inc. Manitowoc Ice to present the special Multiplex equipment range.

Albi Flex+ Vertical by Welbilt Manitowoc Ice is our exclusive over counter electric soft drink mix dispenser, capable of dispensing 4 products. ‘Plug&Play’ installation requires mains power, CO2 and water connection. BiB must be stored below or on a level with the dispense unit within two meter. Water supply is piped into the unit from the mains 40psi. Beverage grade CO2 supply - 80psi regulators. Benefits: easy installation, low maintenance, aesthetically engaging. This is a stylish, sleek beverage unit designed for smaller outlets such as coffee shops or QSR. Still and/or carbonated beverages can be dispensed at any product position.

DI-1522 & DI-2323 Drop-in Series are Servend’s patented flex manifold that makes carbonated or non-carbonated drink changes possible in minutes. It features easy service access with no tools required to remove drain pan, splash panel, and ice bin door. Its front accessible cold plate inlets allows easy installation and the Flomatic beverage valves enhance drink quality and presentation. Long-lasting LED lighting illuminates the merchandiser while reducing energy usage and lifetime costs. Dual view merchandiser highlights brand offering from all sides.

Multiplex MA-8-2 Blend-In-Cup is a next generation blended ice machine designed to improve restaurant operations. It ensures more profit with 10% yield improvement, better store environment - 50% less noise, and higher drink quality from exact auto cup fill. With an all-in-one convenient footprint, the new Multiplex Blend-In-Cup Workstation makes it easy to add blended beverages to the restaurant operation. So easy to use you can be up and running as a crew-serve or self-serve beverage destination in no time. It improves consistency, controls product costs, reduces waste, labour and serve time. Automated features are designed to complete the entire beverage making process - right in the cup. Easy to use icon based touch screen control makes beverage preparation and inventory management easy. The control panel offers visual training, cleaning, maintenance and data collection information. With the easyTouch icon based touch screen, making a drink is as easy as the press of a button. Everything you need to operate the machine from making a drink to training to cleaning can all be accomplished through this intuitive control panel. Convenience and food safety is built right in. Storage cabinet holds up to 8 beverage flavours. The dispense pump system will handle small particulates and all product is stored at food safe temperatures. Product front-loads easily into a built-in refrigerated pump, dispense and storage cabinet. No manual connection. Operator simply places product in a drawer and slides it in place. The drawer is perfectly aligned with the connection and ensures proper product dispense. On-board cleaning instructions, use a “clean-in-place” system makes food safety and maintenance a snap. Productivity is built right in with a beverage requiring less than 40 seconds to prepare. Dual mixing modules improve throughput even more.

Servend's new SVi Series Ice/Beverage Dispensers features a no hassle one-piece structural base, recessed cold plate inlets for more line space behind the splash panel, and a modular design; all resulting in a more durable machine dispensing consistent, quality drinks. One-piece ABS base provides a solid foundation as well as adding structural rigidity to the dispenser. Enhanced agitation and drive system provides consistent ice dispense and ease of serviceability. Multi-port flex manifold adds carb/noncarb flexibility. Fast flavour change-overs reduce service complexity.

Pepsico Asia Pacific Conference 2019 (QLD)

Ritchies SUPA IGA Carrum Downs (VIC)

28 February 2019

Our customer Ritchies SUPA IGA Carrum Downs (VIC) prides itself on good old fashioned face to face customer service. They offer senior discounts on Thursdays, home delivery services and they will even help you carry your groceries to the car. They are a community minded business who donate to local organisations through the community benefit every time you shop there.

Our intervention in this store consisted in installing our retrofit glass door system, available for existing open-front display refrigerated cabinets. These systems result in important advantages. The doors give the existing display a fresh new look and come with many benefits, making it possible to obtain up to 50% in energy savings and providing better food preservation without sacrificing product visibility. Investment payback time is estimated to be less than two years.

The shop claims that the retrofitted doors also improved stability of temperature inside the cases, leading to perfect preservation even for the most delicate fresh food. Last but not least, a more comfortable store environment due to the reduction of cold air in the aisle.

Ritchies SUPA IGA Carrum Downs (VIC)

The Good Grocer IGA, South Perth (WA)

20 February 2019

We introduce another of Baker Refrigeration’s Transcritical CO2 installations: the newly refurbished The Good Grocer IGA supermarket at South Perth (WA).

The Good Grocer is an independently owned store with multiple locations in Perth. They source and sell the best quality foods from producers who share their commitment to taste, authenticity and value for money. Whether you are looking for fresh local produce, quality take home meals, everyday grocery lines or craft beer and fine wine, they have you covered.

This is the second CO2 store we have installed for our prestigious partner Brindle Group, a major real estate and asset management group. Equipment includes the Epta’s Eco2 Small medium-low capacity refrigeration unit which manages, Ebony premium serve-over counter, customised salad and hot showcases, Elisir 200 serve-over patisserie counters, Rock Open multi-deck chillers for dairy, delicatessen, meat, fresh produce, a small Crystal glass door freezer for ice cream, Skyview Plus multi-deck glass door chillers, wall-mounted Aeria semi-vertical refrigerated showcase, self-service counter and Duo cheese island.

All cabinets and coldrooms are managed by Carel’s BOSS system, local supervisor for medium and large systems, featuring built-in Wi-Fi and access from all mobile devices for both programming and everyday operations. It features energy saving and system optimisation using algorithms for analysis and comparison to facilitate users in optimising energy consumption.

The Good Grocer IGA, South Perth (WA)

La Central, South Melbourne Market (VIC)

11 February 2019

Inspired by the vibrant markets of Barcelona and Madrid, and located in the iconic South Melbourne Market, La Central is the newest destination for all things delicious and Spanish. This modest, but big-hearted delicatessen champions unique products from Spain and the stories behind the passionate producers and artisans who craft them.

As our contribute to this tapas Bar & Restaurant, we have provided and installed a 2.5 mt Enixe deli, a Skope single door upright chiller and a Skope three door back bar chiller.

SKB600-A by Skope features all the great benefits of energy efficient technology, combined with lots of options not available in the standard TME and BME ranges. This 3M1 cabinet significantly reduces noise for a quieter working environment and it is ideal for high humidity and warm environments.

BB580X 3 glass swing door fridge remote combines great looks with the latest energy saving technology. This high efficiency, 3M1 back bar fridge cools drinks fast, then keeps them icy cold. It features anti-condensation protection to show off your drinks to their best advantage to your thirsty customers.

Criocabin's popular square fronted self-contained serve over deli counter is also suitable for meat products (model EI250M1). Features include front glass demister, lift up front glass, canopy lighting including switch, rear perspex slides, electronic temperature control, optional castor wheels and refrigerated storage (not on EI250M1 case).


La Central, South Melbourne Market (VIC)
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