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IGA Rosanna (VIC)

13 November 2018

At our customer IGA Rosanna (VIC) you can find one of our best seller Enixe deli serve-over counter, perfectly matching an Enixe deli counter, self-serve version, all by our exclusive Italian partner Criocabin.

Self-service is an element of the supermarket and foodservice industry that is constantly growing, with people able to help themselves to the food or beverage options on offer in cabinets that are designed to keep the products cold or hot depending on requirements, while also displaying the products in a pleasing and attractive manner.

Designed to effectively merchandise chilled food and drinks such as pastries, cheese or cooked meats, our self-serve counters offer a versatile non-assisted solution. As these large appliances are often one of the first things a customer might see entering the shop, a stylish appearance which fits into your front of house aesthetic is a must. Size and temperature range are also important, as the machine needs to fit seamlessly into your front of house whilst also storing food at the appropriate temperature. Our self-serve counters also offer under counter storage to speed up re-stocking during a busy service.


IGA Rosanna (VIC)

Antipasti Deli & Cafe Yarraville (VIC)

09 November 2018

Yarraville Square Shopping Centre (VIC) hosts our customer Antipasti Deli & Cafe.

If you come here for a Sunday lunch you will find it busy in a fetching way. Locals and regulars are coming and going, picking up lunch makings and coffee, keeping the place humming and the staff busy. The shop is quite small but stocked with a comprehensive range of goodies. There’s all sorts of filled rolls and pies, all a good range of antipasti, cheese and dips, pasta and sauces and oils and a limited range of fresh produce. There’s pasta sauces to take away – tomato, bolognese, pesto. The display of packaged biscotti and other sweeties is alluring.

Our contribution to this small but busy business’ success is the reliability of our Onwave 3 Eco glass doors vertical chiller and Enixe square fronted deli counter (Criocabin).


Antipasti Deli & Cafe Yarraville (VIC)

R Bar Regattas, Adelaide (SA)

07 November 2018

Located on the Riverbank Promenade immediately underneath the Adelaide Convention Centre’s new East Building, Home Ground is a stylish café court — a first for the Adelaide Riverbank — offering a unique range of indoor and outdoor dining, complemented by stunning views of the Riverbank Precinct. The fit-out of the venue was completed by leading Adelaide architecture and design company, Studio-Gram — the masterful creators behind some of the hottest venues not only in Adelaide, but around the world.

In this amazing location, our South Australian dedicated Department – Baker Foodservice Equipment – just finished the kitchen revamp of the R Bar Regattas. This is one of the four permanent outlets hosted here, adding to the vibrancy of the Riverbank Precinct. R Bar is casual restaurant specialising in modern Australian cuisine & offering stunning river views.


R Bar Regattas, Adelaide (SA)

Freshplus Dallas (VIC)

03 November 2018

Our esteemed customer Freshplus Dallas (VIC) is a community-based Supermarket providing quality fresh food, continental and local grocery products and services which are unique in a modern and friendly atmosphere. Our revamp of this store included new wall cabinets Rock Eco dairy closed vertical chillers by Bonnet Neve (Epta), an Onwave 3 Eco glass door multi-deck chiller for drinks and a special version of our Explorer deli.

Explorer by Criocabin is a gravity coil display counter which permit an optimal display of goods in a housing with balanced and refined lines. The cold plate display area is angled at 15° for more visual product presentation. Special stainless steel bumpers have been designed on customer’s request to provide an easy support for client’s baskets. Special IP65 led lighting are water resistant and protected against water jets from any angle.


Freshplus Dallas (VIC)

Chillventa 2019 – What we learnt

29 October 2018

Germany’s Chillventa show was held in Nuremburg from October 16–18. The biennial event, now into its 10th year, is touted as “the meeting place for the international refrigeration, AC, ventilation and heat pump community”. In many ways it is a European equivalent to ARBS. Numbers this year were up. For the first time there were more than 1,000 exhibitors, who displayed their wares to a total of 35,490 visitors. According to organisers, about two-thirds of the exhibitors and around 60 per cent of the attendees were from outside Germany.

One of those international visitors was Mike Baker, M.AIRAH, Managing Director of Australian company AJ Baker & Sons. We caught up with him on his return to get his take on Chillventa 2018.

Why did you attend Chillventa?

This year I went with my national technical manager and our objective was to see how the European market has embraced the use of natural refrigerants and the technology associated with them. It was very evident that natural refrigerants (both CO2 and flammable refrigerants) have been taken up enthusiastically, given the impending HFC phase-down and restrictions in Europe for large installations.

How would you describe the scale and atmosphere of the event?

Chillventa was held in eight halls totalling 75,000m2 of space in the Nuremberg Messe exhibition centre. There were over 1,000 exhibitors this year, and in excess of 35,000 visitors. It is a massive exhibition, and a visitor definitely needs the three days to take in the enormity of it all. The event was very well supported by the Australian refrigeration industry. There were a pleasing number of Aussie end users and refrigeration contractors at the exhibition. The atmosphere is exciting – there is a real buzz, which is also helped by the supply of “refreshments” during the afternoon on most stands!

What were the main things you took away?

The biggest takeaways we had from Chillventa were the changes to the control systems and how interactive and intuitive they are becoming. Also, the number of manufacturers now building transcritical CO2 packs is impressive, showing that the industry in Europe has embraced the change to natural refrigerants. The availability of small CO2 condensing units that fill the gap for small installations that are not suitable for multi-compressor packs was also interesting. This will allow the take-up of natural refrigerants across the refrigeration spectrum, and not limit it to large supermarkets. One of the other takeaways from Chillventa is that Europe is ready for the increase in the charge limit for flammable refrigerants. With another hurdle just achieved with the approval by the IEC subcommittee last week, the increased limit could become a reality by early 2019. This will allow hydrocarbons a larger market of the small refrigeration sector, plugging a gap where CO2 is an expensive option.

What was the feeling around the European HFC phase-down?

The HFC phase-down is very much at the forefront of all Europeans’ minds. With the manufacturers offering alternatives, the attitude is one of “bring it on”. Natural refrigerants also bring lower energy consumption, so this is a win-win for the end user – not only are they compliant to the new EU laws, but they will see a cost saving for the years to come. I feel that in Australia, the impact of the HFC import quota restrictions have not yet caused a change in the thinking of end users, and some refrigeration contractors. Those who get on board the quickest will reap the benefits in the years to come. Energy prices are not coming down, and electricity and refrigerant prices should be a driver to update technology – as well as being environmentally responsible.


(October 25, 2018. Mark Vender for HVAC&R News)

Chillventa 2019 – What we learnt
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