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IGA Umina Beach (NSW)

Located along the central coast of New South Wales, you will find IGA Umina Beach within the Lone Pine Plaza.

Our New South Wales team handled the supply and installation of commercial refrigeration for this store.

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Epta Green EC91 Transcritical CO2 rack

The EC91 rack offers superior energy efficiency and environmental friendliness compared to traditional refrigerants. The innovative design ensures optimal performance in various climate conditions, making it a versatile choice for the supermarket industry. Engineered with reliability in mind, this Epta rack not only reduces carbon emissions but also provides long-term cost savings for supermarkets committed to sustainability.

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Case Study

IGA Umina Beach (NSW)

357 Ocean Beach Road,
Umina Beach NSW 2257
Installation of Eco-Friendly Equipment
A range of commercial refrigeration
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